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Every time I come to write about the months of past, I sit suddenly in awe again.

In the past 3 months there have been some harsh episodes, and some battles that are still being fought, but I have been more blessed in the sense that I am finally starting to feel rested. Whether this is the cause of having less trials, a removing of fungus within wounds, or the strengthening of Christ spoken of in 2 Corinthians 12:9, or perhaps the giving of this period of time for rest by the Lord I am unsure; however, I think rather it is the lot.

April was quite the month indeed! My father was with us, for a very special event – it was the month of Scarletfly’s 16th, of which she had planned to do absolutely nothing interesting. To her surprise, however, she arrived home after going for a swim with her dad to find that the house was covered with leaves, and there were quite the strange characters running about recklessly! I’d spent 2 months before hand secretly planning the event, and then we were inconveniently blessed with rain and had to improvise; I think Cheesecake quite enjoyed cutting away at half our hedge sopping wet. Our theme was from Alice in Wonderland; and I am quite eager to share with you photographs, but unfortunately that will have to wait due to certain reasons.

May I was supposed to sort out my ridiculous health issues, however thanks to an absurd required financial request we were unable to. I did not go for my gastroscopy, instead the doctor suggested that I might have IBS – a truly irritating, common, silly health issue. IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, is also caused from stress. I took medication for this for a time, sadly though I am unsure of whether it worked or not due to a constant change in circumstances physically and emotionally. My body tends to ‘play-up’ for a period of time, and then seems quite close to normal for another; dependent on nothing in particular seemingly. For now, however, it has been I time that I am blessed, I am taking no medication specifically, and I am quite satisfied, for now, with leaving it in the Lord’s hands rather than possibly wasting needed resources.

The first month of winter here is almost over, and I am enjoying it so. I have been focusing much on my studies, and I am currently very busy at getting the flu. June has been a month of which my heart has had much hanging, pulling, and prodding in many more ways than I ever thought I’d have to endure, but I am very much alive, and rejoicing in it.

I have saved the best for last – my mother’s health has improved amazingly! Praise the Lord! She is no longer classified as in cardiac arrest, and the specialist dealing with her is very happy with her progress. A huge thank you to all those who have supported my family through so much care, and prayer; we serve a God who hears, and speaks, and moves – we serve an awe-striking God.

I look forward to the months to follow, as Christ does drastic, life changing things.

 “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”
II Corinthians 12:9


Courtesy of Mpumzi Dyantyi

A taste - Scarletfly's Surprise Birthday Party!


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As I sit here tonight I’m captured by so many memories and thoughts it’s almost suffocating.

This past year has been the year I, as I child, had looked forward to for most of my childhood life. I had imagined it to be so many things, all of which it was and was not all at the same time. It has been my 16th year on this temporary home we call earth, and there’s no doubt that it has been one of the most difficult years for me and my family.

I’ve come to a place in my walk with Christ, where all I want is to please my King, all I want is to obey Him. I love my Lord and I trust Him with everything, I’m reckless and foolish and destructive, anything that is mine I’ll destroy I know that, and so everything I have is His, I give to Him, nothing is my own, but throughout this year somewhere along the line I guess I stopped being adventurous, I stopped allowing my King to be adventurous, and I guess I started becoming demanding out of fear – fear for what might happen next, fear for what’s in store afterwards, fear for whether I was listening hard enough. I started praying,

“Lord, tell me what you want me to do, whatever you want I’ll do it, just tell me,”

and after months of waiting, after months of deaf hearing perhaps, when I came away with my Lord in the December of 2010, He said to me,

“Jasmine, what do you want to be – my child, or my robot? Because I can tell you all that you want to know, I am the Lord, but I made you My child, and I want My child…”

I was blown away to realize that my flesh is what makes me beautiful, that my humanity is what makes me the daughter of the King of kings.

I’ve never claimed to be a perfect person, in fact, I would say I wear my flaws on my sleeve; but my God loves me despite it all, and that gives me reason to push forward blindly no matter what.

I know I’ll never be perfect in my eyes, but that’s why I pray that I might see through the eyes of my Saviour. Because even whilst His blood was pouring from His body, and His flesh ripping from His bones – He saw beauty, He saw you, He saw me, and He saw something so beautiful it was worth dying for.

You’re worth dying for… Merely Me

“May the Lord this year define me, and make me the woman He’s always intended for me to be.”

“May I be a joy in His sight.”

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Time keeps a fleeing from me again!

As I mentioned in my previous post life has most certainly been an outpour of events of a both happy and sad nature, and it has continued forcefully through in such a manner still, thus explaining most of our absences. As I shared with you few of the many joys we’ve been having last time, I would perhaps like to share with you a few of the downcast, heart-gnawing things this time.

In December last year my mother fell ill. My mother has always been the one to hold my family together; being such a large, diverse, and passionate people, we habromanians tend to find that getting along every day whilst each of us are growing, and changing, and being refined is never an easy thing – there’s no, “I’ll be difficult today and you be supportive today, and then we’ll swop and I’ll be supportive whilst you’re being difficult tomorrow, okay?”. Life is a funny thing and it’s far from easy, but in my family the Lord has incredibly blessed us with a woman of faith, strength, and love holding us together. This December, however, time came for us to realize a few things.

For quite the few weeks my mother struggled to breathe, and eventually when my father arrived home to join us for the holiday season, wheezing all the way, we took her to the hospital to discover that her lungs and heart were failing. We praise the Lord that the specialist was able to discover the problem in the knick of time and at last, as my mom had been consulting with doctors about what might be causing these problems for weeks. She stayed a few nights in the hospital, we praise the Lord though that she was discharged just before New Years and was able to spend that special time with us! She had water on her lungs as well, and lost 7kg almost instantly when the doctor started giving her medication for this problem. She is now an Official Pill Popper, she’s very weary and run down, she sleeps for maybe 3 hours a night, and watches her breathing intriguingly close, but she’s still her jolly weird self in many ways. She visits the specialist once every month, and he has told her that it will most likely take 2 years before she comes right again. It has been almost 4 months now, and we praise the Lord and give many thanks to the many who are continually praying – she’s doing, “okay”.

Another downcast, heart-gnawing thing is my own health. It turns out that the Nut Pharmacist who tried to convince me that I had rabies was right about something valuably important. In short, I have an ulcer in my stomach and if by May it has not drastically improved I am to have a gastroscopy and assume that it may be something worse.

Right now I am dancing with stress, feeling like a chunk of meat, abusive abusers, misinterpretations, and personal things of which I wish I could share with you if only they weren’t personal to the people I love as well. I do not deny my exhaustion, but I do deny wallowing. My challenges of recent have determined again, and again who my God is. In my lowest of low moments, and even in my times of doubt my God has been there, right next to me; and I hold strong, and I will dance in this storm before my King.

Don’t take your health for granted… Merely Me

Scarletfly's cast is now off, and she is working on evening out her leg sizes again and going for physiotherapy to strengthen her previously broken ankle.

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The day before yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I must say, I was looking forward to this quite a lot. Although I had some doubts. You see, I’ve never actually had a Valentine before. For the past two years I had cried on this day because I didn’t have anyone to share it with; I hated it. My ex-boyfriend had broken up with me three weeks before this day, (two years ago) and I was afraid. I was so afraid that something might happen to my current boyfriend before Valentine’s this year. I was also stressing about what I could get for him. I know that on V-Day it’s supposed to be the guys doing something for the girls, but it doesn’t seem right to me. I also want to show him that I love him. Valentine’s Day is all about love! L ♥ V E, oh it’s a beautiful thing. But do you know what’s sooo amazing? God’s love! God’s love is spectacular 🙂 He sent His only Son, Jesus, from Heaven to Earth to live and die for all our sins. EVERYbody’s sins. John 3:16- “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” All you have to do is believe.
Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Ah, yes. The third and final part of this series.

Today I shall be unveiling the character of Specimen No. 2, the-always-talking-and-making-me-want-to-shove-a-sock-in-her-mouth, Merely Me. Well, obviously I cannot give away all her secrets, but I’ll at least be telling you a bit about how we became friends.

You see, it all started with the one named Scarletfly. Always inviting me to go to her house for a visit, but me being me, was of course my stubborn self and always had better things to do! Boy, was I surprised when I finally did agree to go! And I used to think my family was loud!! HA!

As I got over the initial shock, and got to know their wonderful family, I found myself unable to stay away! They had all crept into my heart and I into their’s. (Although some took more convincing than others *Cough, Cough* MERELY ME) But now I’m able to say that I am a part of the habromanian family and I love them with all my heart!

And so The Three Musketeers came together! Sure, I have to sit on Merely Me quite regularly to have her shut up and sometimes get Scarletfly to come out of her shell, but that’s okay! I wouldn’t change a thing! We love each other, and I believe that together and with Christ we will be able to get through anything Satan throws our way!

As we like to say, it’s a love-hate situation 😉

With love and cheese,
Cheesecake ❤

PS. If you missed part 1 and 2, here ya go –

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Last Saturday at the skate park after not having skated in a rather long while, I dropped in, but instead of rolling steadily on the board – I broke my ankle. How fun. The one lady that works there put a cold can on my ankle while my boyfriend called my mum. He and my friend carried me to a stool while we waited for my mum who came quickly to see what had happened. I’m very grateful that she was still in the mall. Anyway, my kind boyfriend carried me to the car and with my little sister and boyfriend in the back, my mum took me to the hospital. At least I tRiEd to smile at the lady who let us into the parking lot, but it was slightly hard due to the pain in my foot! My boyfriend carried me inside and we waited. Then I got taken to a nurse’s office where she took my blood pressure and wrote a whole lot of pretty pointless things down (in my opinion). Then we waited…and waited…and waited some more. Eventually I was taken to get some x-rays done and after they declared it broken they bandaged my leg up. In total, we were there for about two and a half hours. I don’t think I will be skating again anytime soon. I am truly grateful to my mum, little sister, and boyfriend for waiting with me very patiently. They mean the world to me. 🙂

Just like breaking bones, bad habits are hard to break. Lately I’ve been struggling with one of my bad habits. I guess just like when you have broken a bone it really hurts, like a this case you get really irritated because you want to continue with your bad habit. But just remember that it always heals, and will NOT be the same afterwards. But that’s the point 🙂 at least breaking a bad habit has a better result than breaking a bone. How do I break my bad habit? Talk to God about it; He always answers prayer so be prepared to listen and obey what He says. Sometimes He gives you an answer in His Word-the Bible. In the long run, it’s always better that way because God knows what is pure and right for us 🙂

– Scarletfly

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I was thinking the other day, as I was valiantly fighting the frying pan for my chop, that there seem to be many bowls out there…

Many shapes, many sizes…

Ones used for salads, sweets, chips (mmm…chips) etc.

People are like bowls, and even frying pans.

Many are used for different things according to their giftings… yes… even the frying pans who spit out, due to rage.

Yet, unlike bowls, we may choose what to be filled with… the junkfood like sweets, the healthy living of a good salad, or water…

The water i refer to is the Living Water that only Christ may give so that we may be refreshed and recharged to see the new day!


Prayer is the primary way of letting God open the tap of His annointing into our lives… Shouldn’t we pray?

Phantom ThumbA bowl

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